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  • Icominer



    Monetisation can be a difficult prospect for any developer. Freemium? Paid? Adverts?

    Regardless of the solution you choose, our user visible GPU powered bitcoin miner will seamlessly integrate into your game with no interference, earning you cash in perfect harmony with your existing app monetisation strategy. There's no catch - it's just awesome.

  • Icochat



    The Unity community is completely awesome and extremely supportive. Now, for the first time ever, they're with you in your project - the entire time.

    Icochat brings together all Unity devs in one place to discuss things that developers discuss - code problems, art problems, the future of cutting edge games technology and cats.

  • Particle Designer Unity Plugin

    Particle Designer Unity Plugin


    Particle Designer is powerful, versatile and the definitive tool for particle creation. Now you can bring your particle creations to Unity easily and quickly.

    Swap out textures, import systems and view them live in the editor window using native Unity particles.

  • Icogui - iOS style

    Icogui - iOS style


    Add style and finesse to any menu or GUI system by using this iOS style interface. Cut for 2 resolutions and configured for immediate use with NGUI.

    Sliders, radial timers, dialogue boxes, toggle switches and more! Everything you need to make your project look professional.

  • Icosonic


    £70 $80

    Getting the right sound is tough. Synchronising it with your gameplay or functionality is even tougher. We take the pain out of the process with Icosonic, the most versatile and simple audio manager in town.

    Create, alter and manage your sounds and music easily and powerfully.

For terms relating to these plugins, please buckle in for the most exciting EULA you’ve ever read.