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Developers – please read this all before you consider adding the Icominer plugin.

Users – please read this all too – ghostbusting happens below.


So it’s pretty apparent with the incredible amount of feedback we’ve had that people are either outraged, confused or overjoyed by the idea of passive monetisation. This is interesting – we want people to talk about new things that change and disrupt – but a lot of it is ill informed and we’d like to set the record as straight as we can.

This is due to the usual distortion of information as news is passed down the internet chain, and more mundanely, us not updating old copy on the front page (oops. Written waaay back before we even started development – we expected no attention from anyone so didn’t even think about it).

So let’s clear up the big points:

1) Will users know what is happening?
Yes. Our current version of the plugin has a logo shown at the corner of your app that is ALWAYS present when mining is occurring. The plugin comes complete with a compulsory explanation page to make sure users can understand what’s happening. This isn’t going under the radar – we’ve listened to all your feedback and we’ll make sure there’s full disclosure.

2) Can I turn it off?
Yes. Our guidelines for using the plugin state that it must have a toggle. Users should never be stuck with anything, but remember the point of this is to support the developers of your favourite apps.

3) Will I be a millionaire?
No. You won’t earn thousands of Bitcoins by doing this, but with their value fluctuating so wildly we can’t guess what you’ll earn. This is an experiment, a deliberate step out of the comfortable practices of F2P. Maybe this isn’t the best solution, but we’ll only ever find a better model by experimenting. We may be the first to do distributed monetisation, but we won’t be the last. Our main goal is to make innovative and productive software that people want to use – if there are problems, we really really want to solve them.

4) Will this be allowed by (insert store / provider / platform)
We don’t know. We can’t tell because it’s so new, and we can’t promise stores won’t have problems. We’ve left the processing power usage down to the developer, and so it’s up to their discretion. We have a lot of faith in the development community, but like we said the miner can be switched on/off by the user.

5) Are you going to be millionaires?
No. We listened to the feedback given and we’ve made the plugin completely free. There’s no overhead for developers at all and we don’t make a single penny. The point of this experiment is to push the boundaries, and whilst we wanted to support ourselves with the plugin we think it’s more important that people are allowed to try it.

We hope this has cleared up a bit of the sensationalism that’s surrounded the plugin. If you’d like to get involved, please let us know. Even better, if you’ve got an idea that you feel works let us know that too and we’ll try to help you make it a reality. We are listening and we are improving our software – stay tuned!