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Please RENAME YOUR .PEX FILES TO .TXT with the latest version to ensure publishing fidelity.


// The variable for setting the Particle Designer exported effect file
public Object source;

// The boolean to set looping of the effect to true or false
public bool loop;

// The delay between effect loops
public int loopDelay;


// Set effect to default example
// effect: The ParticleDesigner .pex object
private void SetEffect(string effect)
// Set material texture in IcoMaterials script
// texture: The texture to use as a particle
private void SetTexture(string texture)
// Set looping to true or false in IcoParticles script
// looping: Whether or not to loop the effect
private void SetLoop(bool looping)

// Set looping delay in IcoParticles script
// delay: The delay between effect loops (if enabled)
private void SetLoopDelay(int delay)
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Icochat is super easy to use – just follow these steps:

1. Import the asset into your project from the asset store
2. Select ‘Icochat’ from the ‘Window’ dropdown menu
3. You’ll start logged in as a guest (log out if you’d like to change your name and then connect)
4. Click a room name on the left hand side of the chat to join!

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IcoGUI – iOS is super easy to use – just follow these steps:

- Import the asset into your project from the asset store
- Select the ‘IcoGUI_iOS’ folder from the project view
- Inside are:
Atlases – HD and retina atlases. Retina compatibility may vary
Fonts – Fonts used. Replace these as appropriate
Library – All of the raw assets used (.psd, .png)
Scenes – An example scene. GO HERE TO SEE IT WORKING
Scripts – Scripts used in the example for functionality.

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Coming soon!