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Unity Chat without being IRCsome


So we’ve been rummaging around forums, devlogs and our own brains for ways to improve the development process. It’s pretty hard because it’s getting more streamlined all the time, but we’ve made something that is going to be a huge help to a lot of developers.

I get sick pretty quickly of posting on forums, mainly because my etiquette blows and I can’t resist putting in those stupid smileys. It also takes ages to get feedback. Even with the best intentions, if I’m being helped by someone in a timezone 8 hours away then I won’t be getting my answer until I wake up in the morning. It’s like a really watered down version of christmas where the present is self assembly and santa claus is curt and belligerent.

Chat rooms are much better – they give answers immediately and allow for quick discussion and problem resolution. With a good community, a chat room becomes one of the best resources ever to make your game development run smoothly. I first found this out using back when I made flash games, and I was blown away by the supportive and responsive community.

Soooo… we made a chat for Unity. It’s not on some website somewhere; it’s not even desktop app. It actually integrates into Unity itself! GASP!


It’s super responsive, hosted in deep space and it’s going to be the solution to all your problems. Problem with your navmesh? Ask UnityBabe_36. Problem with your atlas packing? Ask simon_icoplay. Genuinely great communities need a good place to convene… so when it’s still a couple of months until the next Unite, a couple of weeks until the next Unity usergroup and a couple of hours before that forum response just use icochat!

We still need to do some testing in the beta phase, so click here and we’ll send it to you!